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Detailing Services

Nash Auto Detail provides the most professional and precise mobile detailing service in Long Island, NY. Unlike other local services, we specialize in higher-end vehicles and were trained to use only the best and safest products on the market. We are fully mobile which means we provide the water, electric, and anything else we would need! We wash every car with proper techniques and towels to ensure the most quality finish with no swirling or scratching. All our detailing services are also uploaded onto your carfax to help the value of your vehicle.

Package Details
  • Level 1 Package: Starting at $169.99
  • Level 2 Package: Starting at $229.99
  • Level 1 Exterior: Starting at $99.99
  • Level 2 Exterior: Starting at $199.99
  • Level 3 Exterior: Starting at $299.99
  • Level 1 Interior: Starting at $159.99
  • Level 2 Interior: Starting at $199.99
  • Level 3 Interior: Starting at $250
Paint Correction
  • 1 Step Paint Enhancement: Starting at $220
  • Cut & Polish: Starting at $300
  • Multi-Step Correction: Starting at $550
  • Full Correction: Starting at $750
  • Headlight Restoration: Starting at $99.99
  • Trim Restoration: Starting at $50
  • Ozone (Deodorize, Disinfect, Remove Dangerous Airborne Particles): Starting at $50
  • Engine Bay Detail: Starting at $80